Introducing the project

We are planning a first bilingual edition of the complete Vulgate with a German translation. The Vulgate is the most commonly used Latin Bible translation since Late Antiquity, made or revised mainly by St Jerome around 380 – 400 AD. As it differs in crucial parts from the original Bible texts, it offers an important insight into late antique and medieval Christian Theology, because this translation was used as a main resource up to Luther's new translation of the Bible. Our aim is to supply a translation which meets the highest scholarly requirements and will become a point of reference.

This edition is aimed at libraries and theological institutions, but also at people with interests in theology, classics and cultural history.

The Latin text  used is WEBER Robert - GRYSON Roger, Biblia Sacra Vulgata. Editio quinta, Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart, 2007.  

The bilingual Vulgate edition will be published in the Tusculum series by the De Gruyter and Akademie Verlag in Berlin, a planned publication date of 2018.

- Prof. Dr. Michael Fieger -

- Prof. Dr. Widu-Wolfgang Ehlers -

- Dr. Andreas Beriger -

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Projekt:    Biblia Sacra Vulgata